Privacy Policy - Application

This Privacy Policy was developed aiming at ensuring the confidentiality, privacy and protection of personal data of users of the application and users of our services, protecting such information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, alteration and destruction.

1. Collection and Use of Information

No information is collected from Application. This application uses the APIs available through the GPS device to list the places near the positioning of your phone. These sites are obtained on the servers of Nokia, Google and FourSquare. We are duly authorized to use these databases.

2. Guard and Responsibility for Information Collected

We will make our best efforts in maintaining the integrity of the information entrusted to us, why are not responsible for damage arising from your access and / or use by third parties. Those who improperly use this information in violation of this Privacy Policy will be subject to administrative sanctions and disciplinary, without excluding legal action. Unless a legal or judicial determination.

3. Information, opinions and content generated by third
This application do not allows the participation of third parties through sentences and promotional vignettes and dissemination of advertisements. Users and advertisers are already aware that they should not post information, opinions or content immoral, illegal, racist, defamatory, libelous, pornographic, criminal, or any content that violates the copyright. They are aware that the information, opinions or content provided or posted freely on this application, with the exception of personal information for purposes of registration, OR ARE NOT BE PROTECTED BY sensitive THIS PRIVACY POLICY, which can be freely accessed and viewed by other users. They are also prohibited any disclosure or advertisements about goods, services or events that violate the law, morals and good customs. Those responsible for this application are not responsible for the information, opinions and content generated by third parties, nor the quality or accuracy of products, services or events publicized through it. Any representation, reproduction or publication immoral or illegal should be notified to the organizers of this application and will be immediately removed. The notification must be sent to the address of the responsible application at the following address: